Our Emergency Responses

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Stand with Morocco & Libya

Your Helping Hand Can Lighten Their Burden. Provide essential supplies to families affected by the Earthquakes in Morocco and Floods in Libya.

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Gaza emergency aid

The heart of Gaza beats strong even amidst devastation. Yet, every heartbeat echoes with an urgent plea for help. With your support, we can ensure that plea doesn’t go unanswered.

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Support our Palestinian Families arriving in Melbourne

The families arriving from Palestine, are seeking a new life in Melbourne. While their travel is funded, they face the immediate challenge of lacking basic essentials . Help us provide immediate assistance.


Ways your donations are impacting lives

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Child Welfare and Education

We are prioritising the well-being and development of orphaned children, especially in adversity.

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Health and Nutrition

IISNA World Aid is providing vital food aid to combat malnutrition and hunger, and delivering essential medical care to those in need.

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Crisis Response

Swiftly addressing emergencies through immediate aid and support by providing essentials supplies and medical assistance.

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