Heal the Wounds, Mend the Hearts: Stand with Morocco & Libya

In September 2023, two natural disasters struck: Libya faced devastating floods from Storm Daniel, while Morocco was shaken by a powerful earthquake. These events brought immense loss and suffering.

In the wake of two devastating disasters – the catastrophic floods in Libya and the destructive earthquake in Morocco – IISNA World Aid is launching a unified relief effort. We are extending our hands to the affected communities, offering hope and support in their time of greatest need.

Libya: A Nation Under Water

The sudden onslaught of Storm Daniel brought massive flooding to Libya, claiming over 4,300 lives and leaving thousands more missing. Essential services like health and education have been disrupted, impacting countless families. Children face heightened risks, including disease outbreaks and separation from families.

Libya Before and After Photos

Libya Flooding Before Image
A coastal road in Derna AFTER the catastrophic floods.

Morocco: Shaken by Quake, Braving the Cold

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Morocco has left around 380,000 people homeless, just as winter's chill sets in. With over 3,000 lives lost and hundreds of schools damaged, the need for warm shelter and continued education is more urgent than ever.

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