Transform the lives of orphaned girls in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is often forgotten by the world, despite the ongoing struggles of its people. For decades, the country has been plagued by war, violent conflict, poverty, and displacement, leaving countless children orphaned, especially girls in dire need of assistance.

IISNA World Aid is dedicated to rebuilding the future of orphaned girls in Afghanistan. We are providing a safe place to live, education, and healthcare to these girls. But we need your help to continue our mission. By donating to IISNA World Aid, you can make a direct impact on the lives of these girls.

Our approach to wellbeing

  • Provide girls with basic necessities such as nutritious meals, clothing, and medical supplies.
  • Holistic education and learning with a focus on Islamic education.
  • Provide Digital literacy skills to reduce technology barriers and enhance learning
  • Trained professional staff and teachers to take care of the vulnerable orphans.

By donating, you can provide these girls with the chance to break the cycle of poverty and hardship. Help us give them a brighter future by donating today.


Planned education and support

No one should be ever deprived from learning. Orphans under our care are educated in a planned manner. Every donation contributes to comprehensive education, paving the way for brighter futures.


Nourishing Bodies and Minds

Healthy, nutritious meals are essential for growth and development. Our nutrition programs ensure that every child receives balanced, wholesome food. Help them experience the joy and gratitude in every meal they receive.


A safe place to grow and call home

Your donations help us ensure a safe and nurturing environment, where these girls can grow without fear.

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