Creating a lasting impact

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Child Welfare and Education

Prioritising the well-being and development of children, especially in adversity. Nurturing resilience and hope in the next generation.

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Health and Nutrition

Providing vital food aid to combat malnutrition and hunger, and delivering essential medical care to those in need.

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Crisis Response

Swiftly addressing emergencies through immediate aid and support by providing essentials supplies and medical assistance.


Our latest projects in action

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Help bring clean and safe water

Mark your impact by providing a sustainable water source and make an enduring impact on countless lives and earn your Sadaqa jariyah (on going charity).

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Your Zakat Can Help Create A Better Tomorrow

Your zakat has the power to transform the lives of our brothers and sisters in need. Contribute to their social welfare by giving your Zakat.

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Gaza emergency aid

The heart of Gaza beats strong even amidst devastation. Yet, every heartbeat echoes with an urgent plea for help. With your support, we can ensure that plea doesn’t go unanswered.


How you can help

  • Become a monthly donor

    Regular support as a monthly donor amplifies our ability to make lasting, positive changes.

  • Give a one-off gift

    Your single donation can transform lives, providing critical aid where it's needed most.

  • Volunteer and advocate for IISNA

    Your advocacy and volunteering directly contribute to our mission's success and outreach.

  • Donate as a business

    Enhance Your Business Impact: Donate with IISNA World Aid for Community Change

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